How Do You Save with BuyShipUSA?


Use our shipping calculator to estimate the cost of shipping your package from our warehouse to your home or business anywhere in the world.


Our shipping costs are among the best in the industry.


Save up to 80% on your shipping costs.




$6 USD per Package

Multiple incoming packages can be combined into one shipment to save you even more money

Why should you consolidate?  So you only pay for the shipment of 1 package instead of multiple packages.


Small package:

Medium package:

Large package:

$6 USD (under 12" each side)

$12 USD (under 20" on each side)

$18 USD (over 20" on each side)

Extra Photos:

$2 USD per photo

Extra photos allow you to confirm the details of your online purchase.


The first 15 days of storage are free, then a $2 USD per package per month charge will apply.

Extra Insurance:

Free insurance is included for the first $100 USD of value.  Additional insurance is automatically included in the shipping cost: $3.51 USD for the next $300 USD of value and $1.17 USD for each addtional $100 USD of value.

Local Drop Off:

Local drop off is available at BuyShipUSA’s warehouse partner locations below:


7801 NW 37th St.
Doral, FL 33195


545 Central Drive, #100
Virginia Beach, VA 23454