Getting Started

Why is there such a high demand for products from retailers in the USA?
  1. Better Pricing
    The pricing in the USA is often better that that available in your home country.
  2. Not available in your country
    Many USA retailers will limit availability of certain items, colors, sizes, etc... in other countries and make them only available in the USA.
  3. US Retailers Will Not Ship Overseas
    Most US retailers will not allow their products to be shipped to other countries from the USA by their distributors.  The primary reason for this is to maintain control of the retail pricing for their products in other countries.
Why use BuyShipUSA?
  1. Save On Your Shipping Cost!
    Our shipping rates, both express and regular delivery, are among the best in the world.  We ONLY ship with trusted shipping partners UPS and DHL.  You can expedite your package in 1-3 days, or save and receive it in 5-10 days depending on where you are located anywhere in the world.  Save up to 80% on your shipping and handling costs!!
  2. Expert Logistics & Handling
    Our sister company and warehouse partner, TransExpress Inc., has been in business for over 30 years and has shipped millions of packages worldwide.  Our facility has been certified by Department of Homeland Security and US Customs.
  3. 100% Transparency
    We charge NO account fees or monthly charges.  You pay nothing unless you want to ship a package!.

    Using our shipping calculator, which is available on every page of our website, you can quickly and easily estimate your shipping charges based on the package weight.

    There are NO hidden fees or charges for our services.  All costs are listed on our pricing page.
How do I receive a BuyShipUSA address?
After you sign up for a new account, we will issue you an exclusive and personal account number.  You will also be instructed on how to properly fill in a Checkout form on your retailer's site and the correct way to insert your new BuyShipUSA address and account number.
How does my BuyShipUSA online account work?
Sign in to your BuyShipUSA account to:

  1. Check if your merchandise has been received.
  2. Create a ship request if your product is being consolidated.
  3. Check the status of your shipments.
  4. Change any of your account details such as credit card, shipping method, shipping address and membership information.

    You will receive an email notification when you receive a package, or when BuyShipUSA sends a shipment to you.
Is this a P.O. BOX address?
NO, your new BuyShipUSA address is an actual warehouse and office in Florida, USA.  Many sellers do not ship to post office boxes, so we do not issue box addresses.  Additionally, UPS, FedEx and DHL do not deliver packages to P.O. BOX's.  Our warehouse is open from 8:00 AM ’til 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  We have over 100 employees and our receiving department is there to receive incoming packages during normal business hours.
Where is BuyShipUSA available?
Our service is available to customers all over the world.  There are certain countries, where shipping is not allowed from the USA (ex. Iran, North Korea and Sudan).  Please check the shipping restrictions for your country.
What services do you offer and what are the fees?
There is no cost to open an account with BuyShipUSA and immediately receive your personal address in the USA.

We offer additional services that you may want to ensure that you save money and get the exact products that you want from the USA.  We offer package consolidation, repackaging, and additional photos for product verification.  Please refer to our pricing page for a full listing of additional services we offer the costs of these services.  Click here for our service Terms & Conditions.
How do I set my shipping preferences?
  1. Sign in to your BuyShipUSA account.
  2. Click My Account Settings.
  3. Go to Shipping Preferences.
  4. In the Shipping Preferences section, select one of the two options:
      • a. Automatic: Packages are shipped to you without consolidation as soon as they arrive in your suite.

      • b. Consolidate: Packages are held until you submit a ship request.
  5. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to save your shipping schedule preference.

PLEASE NOTE: If you set your Shipping Preference to Hold, please remember you must submit a ship request to receive your packages.  Click here for instructions on submitting a ship request.

All memberships are set to an Automatic shipping schedule, and can only be changed to Consolidate by the account holder.
Will you let me know when my package(s) arrive?
We will notify you via e-mail as soon as your package(s) arrive at BuyShipUSA's warehouse.
You can also Log-In to to see this information.
How long does it take to process my shipment?
After we receive your shipment request, please allow for up to 36 hours for UPS to pickup package(s) from our warehouse.  Packages received before 10 am (East Coast USA time) are typically processed and picked up on the same day.
BuyShipUSA only tenders packages to couriers on business days (Monday to Friday), not including certain U.S. holidays.
In some cases, high-value merchandise and shipments may require additional paperwork to comply with U.S. government regulations.
Shipments containing certain animal products, feathers, animal skin and mother-of-pearl may require review to ensure compliance with U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) regulations.
These type of circumstances may result in additional processing time for your shipment.
Will BuyShipUSA open my packages?
Normally every package is opened and inspected when it arrives at the BuyShipUSA warehouse.  Our trained staff carefully inspects your packages to ensure they are safe for shipping and verify that the stated contents are allowed to be exported from the USA.
What if my package is gift wrapped?
To ensure quality and compliance with US export regulations, we must open and review all wrapped items. When possible, we make every effort to return wrapped items to their original condition.
How long will you hold my packages?
Your packages will be held, free of charge, for up to 15 days after each delivery.
After 15 days, each package will be held for an additional 30 days for a charge of $2 USD per month.
We will send you reminders before your 30-day storage period ends and again before your paid 30-day storage period ends.
The maximum storage time is 90 days.  After 90 days, unless prior arrangements have been made, the goods will be considered abandoned, and we may dispose of it in any manner permitted by law.
Is my package insured?
All packages shipped from BuyShipUSA are insured for up to $100 USD of value.  Additional insurance is available at a cost of $2.50 USD per each $100 USD of value that is required.  So if your purchase is worth $300 USD and you wanted to make sure the total value of your purchase is insured, you would pay $5 USD for insurance.
What are BuyShipUSA's Hours of Operation?
Customer Support
Customer support is available to help you answer any questions.
Receiving Packages
Our operations team processes packages Monday through Friday in the USA from 8am - 6pm (East Coast USA Time).
Shipping Parcels
Packages received before 11am (East Coast USA Time), and NOT being consolidated, will be processed and shipped the same day.  Depending on the level of service chosen, your shipment should arrive to your delivery address in two to ten business days.  Please remember that these delivery times are estimates provided by our worldwide shipping partners UPS and DHL.
Warehouses Closed
On US national holidays, we close our export facility so that our staff can spend time with friends and family. During these holiday, packages will not be received or shipped.

January 1st - New Year’s Day

Last Monday in May - Memorial Day

July 4th - Independence Day

First Monday in September - Labor Day

4th Thursday in November - Thanksgiving Day

December 25th & 26th - Christmas Holiday
Holiday Season During the months of November and December, the number of packages received and shipped significantly increase due to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday sales events.  During this time our global courier partner may experience longer than usual delivery times.  We strongly suggest customers make their purchases as early as possible to ensure that they receive their packages before their required dates.
Why do I need to upload a copy of my commercial invoice?
In order to prepare the documentation for your package to be delivered to your home country by UPS or DHL, we must have a commercial invoice which describes the product and states the cost you paid for the product.  This document is necessary for your package to be cleared customs and delivered to you.
Important: You, the customer, are responsible for accurately stating the value (for customs purposes) of the product you have purchased.  If the value is not correct, the package may be held by customs and you may be liable for additional costs and/or customs fines or penalties.
How do I upload a document into my account?
  1. Sign in to your BuyShipUSA account.
  2. Click My Account Settings.
  3. Click Account Documents.
  4. Click Add New Document.
  5. Click Browse to identify the file you want to upload.  Navigate to the file on your computer that you want to upload and select it.
  6. Identify the file.  If you are uploading personal identification, select Photo Identification.  If you are uploading Form 1583, select Notarized Form 1583.  If you are uploading another type of document (e.g., wire transfer receipt), select Other and provide a description of the document.
  7. Click Upload Document to start the upload process.  Allow time for the transfer to complete.  When complete, your account will refresh and show a preview of the document.
  8. Repeat process for any additional documents.
  9. If you uploaded a document in error, you will have 15 minutes to delete it by clicking Delete.
What should I do if I suspect that my password has been stolen?
*Please contact customer support immediately, so that we may freeze your account and issue you a temporary password to prevent any unauthorized access to your account.
*Be sure you safeguard your password and do not let anyone else have it! You are responsible for all use of your account made under your login and password.
If you have simply forgotten your password or are unable to access your account, contact customer support.
How do I update my account information?
Simply log into your account.  Go to Account Settings.  From there you should be able to make any changes required.
Can I authorize others to use my account?
Yes, you may authorize someone else to use your account by simply logging into your account and going to “account preferences” and selecting “additional user.”

Please note that you may authorize anyone to use your account, but the use of the account is your responsibility.  Remember that all packages you receive and ship in your BuyShipUSA account will be debited from your credit card, even when the name of another authorized user appears on the package, and it will be sent to the address you have registered.
Who is responsible for the package regarding importation into my country?
This is your responsibility! You may only request us to ship products that are in compliance with the import laws of your country.  If you have any questions, please check with your local customs agency BEFORE you ship the package to BuyShipUSA.

BuyShipUSA is only a service provider.  We do not accept responsibility or liability for the contents, valuation or condition of your package.  If any packages are returned to BuyShipUSA for non compliance or undervaluation, the costs of shipping, receiving, handling and disposing of said packages are the full and complete responsibility of the customer.
What does billing and shipping address mean?
Billing address is the address that you have associated with the credit card with which you are paying.

Shipping address is the address you use to receive your purchase at BuyShipUSA.  See shipping address example for John Doe below:

John Doe (Account #: 00000)
7801 NW 37th Street
Doral, FL 33195-6503 USA
Telephone 757-943-9356
Can I start using BuyShipUSA immediately after I sign up?
Yes.  Once you receive your registration confirmation, you are ready to start shopping! BuyShipUSA will immediately begin accepting your packages and processing your shipments.

Please ensure all your shipments include the address of the BuyShipUSA warehouse and your unique account number.  Any packages shipped to BuyShipUSA with an incomplete or inaccurate address will be delayed.  Packages requiring review for incomplete or incorrect addresses will incur a $5 USD per package special handling fee.
Why was my registration unsuccessful?
If you are unable to successfully register for a BuyShipUSA account, please complete the following steps:

  1. Clear the cookies on your Web browser.
  2. Make sure you are entering a credit card that has an expiration date of next month or later.  Credit cards expiring this month cannot be accepted.
  3. Make sure your Web browser is up to date. Out of date browsers may have functionality issues.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact customer support and provide the information requested below:

  1. Your first and last name.
  2. Type of Web browser are you using.
  3. The country you are applying from.

Shopping and Shipping

Why is my credit card not being accepted by the US online retailer?
There are a number of reasons why your credit card may be declined by a US online retailer.

  • Payment type has insufficient funds.
  • Payment provider has placed a hold on your funds.
  • The payment type has expired.
  • The payment code has expired.
  • The security code is incorrect.

If you are still receiving notices that your payment method has declined, please contact us.
How do I translate a website?
If you need to translate a website, we recommend that you use this translator provided by Google: or use the Google Chome browser which has a translate function.
Shopping at US Stores
How do I buy online?
Buying online is easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the products you want online.
  2. Add your products to the shopping cart.
  3. Go to and create an account.
  4. Enter your shipping address and account information.
  5. Choose a shipping method.
  6. Enter your payment information.
  7. Review and finish your order.
  8. Check the status of your order.

How do make sure I'm ordering the right clothing or shoe size?

International size charts:

Women's Clothing Conversion

Men's Clothing Conversion

Shoe Size Conversion

How can I save even more when shopping in the USA?

Many USA stores pack their merchandise inefficiently, resulting in substantially higher shipping costs for international customers.  There are also other things to know when shopping USA retailers. To save the most at USA stores, follow these tips:

  1. Always use your BuyShipUSA address as the "Ship To" address.  Many merchants offer free shipping to US addresses.
  2. Check to see if there are any coupons or discount codes available with the online retailers for the products you are interested in buying.
  3. Be sure to read the ratings and reviews of sellers.
  4. Consolidate several of your packages into one package at BuyShipUSA's warehouse and save a bundle!
  5. It may be possible to repackage a large box into a smaller one, check with customer support to see if this is an option for you.
  6. Consider rebates; sometimes manufacturers offer rebates after the product is purchased.
  7. If you are unsure about a seller or retailer, check with the Better Business Bureau.
  8. Shop around! Check different websites for the same product.
  9. Create a separate email address for shopping, so your email doesn't get bogged down with advertisements.
  10. Check the BuyShipUSA Facebook and Twitter pages for deals!
How do I return items to the online retailer?
BuyShipUSA will help you return an item to your USA online retailer before it leaves the USA.  It will be much more expensive to return the item once the package has shipped from the USA.

You need to check the Merchant's return policies and possibly obtain a 'return authorization' reference number and possibly also a returns label.  BuyShipUSA can assist you in arranging the return shipment.

For domestic returns:
"Domestic returns" refers to returns from our warehouse in the USA.

BuyShipUSA charges an administrative handling fee of $20 USD plus the cost of domestic shipping if you are unable to provide a return label.  Payment will need to be made by credit card before the shipment can be returned.
Can the retailer describe the goods as a gift to avoid Duties and Taxes?
No, it is illegal for you and/or the retailer to describe the goods as a "gift" to avoid duties and taxes.  Be aware of the legal problems it could create for you, the retailers and BuyShipUSA.

You are the "Importer" of the goods and responsible for accurate statements describing the goods and their respective value.  Duty and taxes are based on these descriptions.  We may be required to terminate your account if we become aware of an intentional undervaluation on your part.

Our Customer Service team will be glad to guide you if you still have doubts on this serious matter.
Who is responsible if I get different items from those I ordered or if the quality of the items is not what I expected?
The company or online retailer where you purchased the items, (ex.,,, etc...).
Restricted & Prohibited Merchandise
Are there any restrictions on which products I can buy and ship?
BuyShipUSA does not handle any "dangerous goods" of any kind.

Please refer to UPS’s Dangerous & Restricted Goods Policy here to see if your product(s) have restrictions.

Some product(s) may also be illegal in your country.  Please contact local customs if you are unsure.

Please note that BuyShipUSA cannot refund customers if local customs decides to confiscate or dispose of an item.

1. What is the difference between restricted and prohibited items?

Prohibited Items: If an item is prohibited in your country or for export from the United States, we cannot ship it to you.  If you are not sure if an item is prohibited, please contact us before ordering.  If we receive an item we cannot ship to you, BuyShipUSA may be unable to ship it to any address, including back to the sender.  In some cases, we may be required to dispose of it in a US disposal facility.

Restricted Items: Some restricted items can be shipped, but only after the BuyShipUSA inspects and verifies that the products are in compliance with US export laws.  An inspection fee will apply and will delay the shipment of the product up to a period of 3 days.  If you have questions about shipping a restricted item, please contact customer support BEFORE shipping the item to your BuyShipUSA account.

Please review our list of prohibited and restricted items in our FAQ before you shop.

2. What is considered dangerous goods or hazardous material?

Dangerous goods/hazardous materials are items that require special handling, additional packaging and labeling to be transported internationally.

These items may or may not be allowed to ship to your country. Shipping dangerous goods is country-specific, and may also depend on the courier you choose, including DHL or Fedex.  USPS or UPS cannot ship dangerous goods.  Even if your country allows the import of an item, the carrier may not be licensed to handle and transport dangerous goods.

Items considered to be dangerous goods include: flammable items or items under pressure (e.g., hairspray, spray paint, lighters, nail polish and perfume).  Dangerous goods items may be required to ship separately from non-dangerous goods items.

Please view our restricted and prohibited items list for more information, or contact us for specific information regarding your country and the items you wish to ship.

3. Are there exceptions to export restrictions for laboratory, medical or research use?

No.  BuyShipUSA cannot export prescription medications, controlled substances or human growth hormones of any kind, for any reason.

BuyShipUSA cannot export assays, peptides, biological media and animal, veterinary or human vaccines.  If BuyShipUSA receives a package containing these items, US regulations require BuyShipUSA to dispose of the items in a local disposal facility.  BuyShipUSA cannot ship these items to any address, including back to the sender.

4. Can you export agricultural Items like plants, seeds and soil?

BuyShipUSA can ship agricultural items for you if they meet US export requirements, and your country’s customs office allows them to be imported.  Please make sure your agricultural products are properly labeled, including their genus, species and country of origin.  The labeling requirement also applies to individual seed packets.  We cannot ship or store any items we cannot identify, or are not properly labeled.

BuyShipUSA also cannot accept foreign seeds or plants that are not properly imported into the US.  These items will be removed from your account upon receipt and properly discarded.

Please contact your local customs office to inquire about local import regulations, and contact us with a link to the item so we can determine if we can export the items for you.

5. Can you export controlled substances?

No.  BuyShipUSA cannot export controlled substances or any item that contains controlled substances.  Please do not ship controlled substances to your BuyShipUSA account.

A controlled substance is any drug that is illegal or restricted for sale in the United States, even if it is readily available in your own country. Examples of controlled substances include Sudafed and Marijuana.

6. Can you export lithium batteries?

Yes.  However, lithium batteries may be subject to additional regulations, and we may be unable to export them to certain countries.  In some cases, lithium metal and lithium-ion batteries may be subject to a Dangerous Goods handling fee.

Due to the potential fire danger, lithium ion and lithium metal batteries are heavily regulated for air transport.  The regulations are extremely complex and can vary by country, and even by courier.  The size of the battery, how it is packaged, and if it is pre-installed in an electronic device also play a role in the regulations and restrictions.

Our team of trained specialists can arrange for export of most lithium batteries and electronic devices containing these batteries.  For assistance determining if BuyShipUSA can export lithium batteries and electronic devices containing these batteries to your country, please contact customer support.

7. Can you export non-prescription or over-the-counter medications?

BuyShipUSA can export most over-the-counter medications, providing they arrive in original packaging and may be distributed within the United States.  To comply with US Food and Drug Administration guidelines, all medications must be indicated in your documentation and our logistics team will need open the package and verify to ensure they can be distributed.  There will be additional handling costs associated with this process and a potential time delay as the package will have to be manually processed.

Please Note: US government regulations prohibit BuyShipUSA from exporting any non-prescription or over-the-counter medication that originated from a merchant outside the United States.

8. Can you export police or military style items?

No.  BuyShipUSA will not export any product that appears to be related to police, government or military activity. Common items include, but are not limited to:

  1. Badges
  2. Body armor
  3. Protective clothing containing body armor
  4. Police batons
  5. Handcuffs
  6. Surveillance equipment

Please see our list of prohibited items for more information.  If you are unsure whether a product is considered a police or military item, please contact customer support for assistance.

9. Do you charge a fee for handling dangerous goods or hazardous materials?

Yes, there is a per-shipment handling fee to properly package and label dangerous goods.  The fee is 10% of the total value of the "dangerous goods," with a minimum cost of $20 USD.

If lithium batteries are involved and they are uninstalled, then a fee of 10% of the total value of the item is applied, with a minimum cost of $20 USD.

If a lithium battery is installed, there is only a $2 USD handling fee to properly label and package the shipment.

Please note: Dangerous goods may need to ship separately from non-dangerous goods.

Common dangerous goods include perfume, nail polish, glue, paint and batteries.
Some countries do not allow the import of these items.  Please click here to see if your country allows import of dangerous goods.

10. Can you export prescription medications?

No. BuyShipUSA cannot export prescription medications.  Please do not ship prescription medications to your BuyShipUSA suite.

11. Can you export weapons or gun accessories?

No.  BuyShipUSA will not export any product that appears to be a weapon, weapon part or accessory to a weapon.  This includes, but is not limited to, items restricted by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).  Common gun and weapon accessories include, but are not limited to:

  1. Scopes or sights
  2. Ammunition clips or magazines
  3. Pistol grips
  4. Rifle butt stocks
  5. Items equipped with night-vision
  6. Bayonets
  7. Items equipped with lasers

Please see our list of prohibited items for more information.  If you are unsure whether a product is considered a weapon or accessory, please contact us for assistance.

12. Does BuyShipUSA export food?

BuyShipUSA cannot export any food items that are perishable (require refrigeration), labeled in a foreign language, or restricted for export by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  We also suggest that you contact your local customs office to inquire if food can be imported to your country, as it is often restricted.

13. BuyShipUSA will not ship any counterfeit merchandise.

BuyShipUSA cannot export counterfeit, bootleg or knockoff items.  If BuyShipUSA receives an item that does not appear to be authentic, we will notify you by email and refer the item to our trade compliance team to verify its authenticity.

If the item is counterfeit and came from a merchant in the US and the merchant provided a return label, we can help you return the item.  If the merchant did not provide a return label, or if the merchant will not accept a return, we must discard the item.  BuyShipUSA cannot ship counterfeit items to anyone other than the original seller, including individuals in the USA.
Commonly Prohibited Items
This list is NOT comprehensive or complete.  It is a list of products that are commonly prohibited from shipping:


      - Cash (banknotes and coins)

      - Travelers checks

      - Any monetary instrument in bearer form

      - Counterfeit or imitation money

      - Credit cards and credit card readers


      - Cigarettes

      - Electronic cigarettes and liquid

      - Cigars

      - Tobacco

      - Tobacco products including chewing tobacco


      - Restrictions apply.  Please carefully check Lithium Batteries and Electronic Products that require them before you purchase any lithium batteries or electronic items that include lithium batteries.

      - Certain radio transmitters and cordless phones may not be approved for use in your country.


      For the safety of our staff and that of our carriers, we prohibited the shipment of sharp objects.

      - Axes

      - Darts

      - Bows and arrows

      - Bayonets

      - Etc.


      - Gambling equipment and apparatus

      - Poker chips

      - Lottery tickets and other similar prize tickets


      - Frozen items, items requiring refrigeration

      - Fresh flowers

      - Living plants, trees, bushes

      - Seeds

      - Perishable foods (e.g., cheese, milk, yoghurt, eggs, meat, fish, seafood)

      - Live bait


      - Drink powders and syrups such as coffee creamers, flavoured syrups, artificial sweeteners

      - Food gift baskets, frozen foods

      - Dietary supplements including acai berry tabs and supplements, weight loss kits, amino acid supplements, adult male supplements, alertec supplements, anabolic 7, diet pills, fish oil vitamins and supplements, herbal supplements, vitamin supplements

      - Bodybuilding supplies, nutrition bars, protein drinks, traditional Chinese tonic


      - Bullion, gold and other precious metals

      - Loose precious stones

      - Gold, silver and platinum jewelry

      - Antiques

      - Rare coins


      - Sex toys, clothing and equipment

      - Pornographic material

      - Erotic publications (e.g., videos and DVDs)


      - Products or beverages containing alcohol

      - Counterfeit or "pirated" goods; items that infringe intellectual property rights (e.g., trademarks, copyrights or patents)

      - Documents and personal mail

      - Ashes, human remains

      - Controlled chemicals, including substances that are precursors or chemicals for manufacture of dangerous drugs or psychotropic substances

10.1. Narcotic drugs

        - Unlicensed drugs including synthetic cannabis (often packaged as "herbal incense", "herbal potpourri" or similar descriptions)

        - Infectious substances

10.2. Guns, including:

        - Revolvers

        - Rifles

        - Pistols and other firearms (or parts thereof)

        - Starter pistols

        - Rifle scopes

10.3. Ammunition and associated products; bullets

10.4. Offensive weapons, including:

        - Mace

        - Pepper spray

        - Stun guns

        - Tasers

        - Martial arts weapons

        - Hand grenades

        - Flick knives

        - Throwing knives

        - Brass knuckles, "knuckle dusters"

10.5. Imitation weapons, including:

        - Toy guns

        - Toy pistols

        - Toy grenades

10.6. Irradiating apparatus and radioactive materials

10.7. Explosives, including gunpowder and dynamite

10.8. Firecrackers and fireworks

10.9. Fire extinguishers

10.10. Asbestos

10.11. Cigarette lighters, gas lighters

10.12. Poisons

10.13. Hair regrowth products, e.g., Rogaine

10.14. Goods that are potentially flammable, including:

        - Perfumes

        - Colognes

        - Eau de toilette

        - Fragrance spray

        - Makeup remover

        - Aftershave lotion

        - Nail polish

        - Nail polish remover

        - Some hair care products

        - Aerosols; any product in an aerosol can

        - Compressed gas or gas cylinders

        - Fuels

        - Gasoline (petrol)

        - Gas torches

        - Engine oil

        - Motor oil

        - Essential oil

        - Lighters with fuel; lighter fluid

        - Turpentine

        - Paint thinner

        - Household cleaners

        - Paint and paint guns

        - Varnishes

        - Stains

        - Solvents

        - Glue and adhesives

        - Paintball tanks, guns and grenades

        - Printer toner cartridges

10.15. Laboratory chemicals

10.16. Chimney cleaner

10.17. Drain cleaner

10.18. Oven cleaner

10.19. Bleach

10.20. Pesticides and fungicides

10.21. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

10.22. Antifreeze

10.23. Automotive products, including

        - Brake fluid

        - Coolants

        - Degreasers

        - Hydraulic fluid

        - Power steering fluid

        - Transmission fluid

        - Vehicle cleaning solutions

        - Performance additives

10.24. Munitions of war

10.25. Any products or intended for use or which could be used in chemical or biological weapons, missile technology, or nuclear proliferation

10.26. Any items specially designed, modified, adapted or configured for military use and any "dual use" items (those with both commercial and military/police uses), including but not limited to:

        - Projection telescopes specially designed for use with Super High Power Laser ("SHPL") systems

        - Handcuffs, leg cuffs, ankle cuffs, police-type batons

        - Polygraph (lie-detector) equipment

        - Military helmets

        - Night vision equipment (e.g., goggles, binoculars)

        - Bulletproof clothing; flak jackets

        - Nuclear material

        - Surveillance and eavesdropping equipment (including hidden cameras, infrared and thermal imaging cameras)

        - Lasers, radar, sonar systems

        - Telecommunications equipment designed to operate underwater, or at extremely high or low temperatures, or to withstand radiation

        - Spraying or fogging systems

        - Software used for active flight control purposes, or designed or modified to use "cryptography" employing digital techniques performing any cryptographic function other than authentication or digital signature; military encryption software; software employing a key length greater than 64 bits for the symetric algorithm

        - Aircraft and aircraft parts

10.27. Any other goods subject to government export restrictions or requiring an export license

10.28. Items destined for countries subject to U.S. or international embargoes

10.29. Items addressed to U.S. or international lists of prohibited persons and entities


Consolidation and Repackage

Will BuyShipUSA repack my packages?
If you are receiving a product that is fragile or you are worried that international shipping may damage your product, then repacking may be a good idea.  Depending on the size and shape of the product, we can provide additional protection for your purchase through our repacking service.  Please see our pricing page here for further information.

If the package has a high volumetric weight (see our FAQ What is Volumetric Weight?) we can repack it into smaller packages to reduce their volume and therefore lower the shipping charges.
How can I save even more money by consolidating my packages?
Refer to our consolidation pricing here to estimate the cost of consolidating multiple packages into one box.  Generally, consolidation of your packages will result in big savings instead of shipping individual boxes.

How much can I save when I use consolidation?
In the example below, 3 packages are shipped separately to the same address.  Each one weighs 4lbs.

  • Package 1 = $39 USD 4lbs
  • Package 2 = $39 USD 4lbs
  • Package 3 = $39 USD 4lbs
  • Total Cost $117 USD 12lbs

As an alternative, when shipments are consolidated, multiple packages are shipped together on the same airway bill to the same address.

When the same 3 packages are consolidated, you will save a significant amount in the shipping costs.  See the example below.

  • Package 1 = $59 USD 12lbs + $6 USD Consolidation Fee
  • Package 2 = $6 USD Consolidation Fee
  • Package 3 = $6 USD Consolidation Fee
  • Total Cost $77 USD 12lbs
  • Shipped Separately $117 USD
  • Consolidated $77 USD
  • Savings $40 USD

Shipping Weight

What is actual weight?
Actual weight is the weight of the package when put on a scale.
What is dimensional weight?
The dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying (in inches) the length x width x height of a package and dividing the result by the industry DIM factor which is 139.  The formula is: L x W x H/139 = Dimensional Weight.

What is billable weight?
Billable weight is the measurement that we use to determine the Shipping Costs.  If Dimensional weight is higher than Actual weight then Dimensional weight is used as “Billable Weight” measurement and vice versa.


What forms of payments do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress and PayPal.  We hope to offer more payment options in the near future.

What country currency are your fees charged in?
All fees for BuyShipUSA are charged in United States $ (USD).
Is my credit card information secure with BuyShipUSA?
Absolutely.  BuyShipUSA is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).  We are PCI certified by the credit card industry.  All of our user’s personal information is strictly confidential and will only be accessed with their authorization.
What is a card verification value (cvv) or card verification code (cvc)?
The security code, commonly known as the “card verification code” (CVC) or “card verification value” (CVV), is a special three or four digit code printed on the front or back of your credit card.  Banks commonly use this code to prevent fraud and some banks may decline transactions that do not include this code.

How will I be charged customs fees or taxes?
UPS, DHL or local customs will invoice you seperately for these charges.  BuyShipUSA will provide UPS and DHL with the description and total invoice amounts that you provide when you ship your package(s).  If the description or invoice amounts are incorrectly stated, then you may incur additional charges by local customs authorities in your home country.  To determine the costs of these charges please reach out to your local customs office.
Do I have to pay local sales tax?
Depends on which State your online retailer is located.  Certain States in the US are tax-free and as a result no sales tax will be levied on your purchases.  Other States are not.  When you check out with your retailer, your invoice will indicate whether you paid any sales tax.

Insurance and Claims

Is my shipment insured?
Yes, all shipments from BuyShipUSA are insured for the declared value of the item(s) up to $100 USD.  Additional shipping insurance can be purchased for $2.50 USD per $100 USD of insured value.  For example, if your package has a declared value of $300 USD and you want to fully insure this purchase, you would only need to purchase an additional $200 USD worth of insurance for a total of $5 USD.  Your package is now insured for the total $300 USD.

While damaged or lost packages are rare, we recommend fully insuring each shipment to the full declared value in the unlikely event that something does happen to your package(s).  In the event your shipment is damaged upon delivery or lost, BuyShipUSA customer support can assist you with the claims process.
How do I file a claim for missing or damaged items?
If your shipment is not delivered, or if items are missing or damaged, contact customer support immediately to begin the claims process.

For missing items:
If your shipment was not delivered, or if items were missing, you will need the following items to file a claim:

  1. Claim form: Contact BuyShipUSA customer support for assistance.
  2. Copy of the merchant invoice or receipt showing the purchase price.

For damaged items:
If your item arrived damaged, you will need the following documentation to file a claim:

  1. Claim form: Contact BuyShipUSA customer support for assistance.
  2. Photos of the damaged item(s).
  3. Photos of inside and outside of box.
  4. Damage Report filed with the carrier locally.  If you are unable to obtain a Damage Report, itemized repair order or damage statement from a certified technician.
  5. Copy of the merchant invoice or receipt showing the purchase price and description of the items purchased.

Important filing deadlines:

  1. USPS claims for damage must be filed no later than 90 days after the shipment date.  USPS claims for damage can be filed immediately.  USPS claims for loss (undelivered packages) cannot be filed until 45 days after the ship date.  USPS claims take a minimum of 60 days from filing for research and response, and can often take up to six months.
  2. DHL claims must be filed no later than 21 days from ship date.
  3. UPS claims must be filed no later than 21 days from delivery date.

Claims are reviewed on an individual basis and can take up to eight weeks to be resolved for DHL and UPS shipments.  When a claim is approved, the reimbursement will be credited to your BuyShipUSA account.  You can use the credit to pay for future shipping costs, or service fees, etc.

All Claims: BuyShipUSA claims for lost or damaged merchandise must be filed within the published time limits of the particular carrier.  Claims are considered filed when fully completed claim form, photographs, and receipts are received by BuyShipUSA.  Claims are reviewed individually and this review process will take a minimum of eight weeks.  Specific commodities have limits of liability in case of loss or damage including televisions, computers, electronics, jewelry, figurines, furniture, and lighting, regardless of Declared Value or Insurance paid.  Claim liability is limited to the lesser or either Declared Value, Proof of Purchase or Specific commodity liability limit.  Claim liability for damage to items prepackaged by manufacturer will be limited, including all such commodity groups listed above.  Failure to file a completed claim within the carrier time limit will invalidate the claim.
What does insurance cover?
Insurance covers loss or damage to the items in your shipment.  Claims can be filed for the declared value plus international shipping costs, if applicable.  Insurance does NOT cover import duties and taxes, domestic shipping costs or damage to the box/packaging.

Couriers may carry limited or no liability for antique or vintage items, jewelry, TVs, electronics and prohibited goods.  Please check with your specific courier for a complete list of prohibited items by courier.

Duty and Taxes

Do I have to declare the value of my purchases for customs?
Yes.  All imported goods must be declared to customs - regardless of whether the goods are new or used or whether you are buying them for yourself or as a gift.  You are the "Importer" for your purchases and are responsible for the accurate declaration of the description of your purchases and their value.
Do I have to pay tax and duties?
It depends.  Some countries set a value threshold under which they do not collect duty or tax ("de minimis" value).  If your shipment is under this threshold, UPS, DHL or local Customs will not collect a payment from you for duty or tax.  See below for the "value threshold" for certain countries.  However, you should be aware that Customs reserves the right to revalue or reclassify items which are imported.  If this occurs, you may be liable to pay the additional amount upon delivery.  Please check with your local Customs agency for the applicable duty or tax rates for your purchase.
Who charges me for customs fees, tariffs and/or taxes?
UPS, DHL (depending on who you select to be your courier) and/or local Customs will invoice you seperately for these charges.  We will provide them with your stated product descriptions and total invoice amounts.  If the stated descriptions or invoice amounts are incorrect, then you may be liable for additional charges bylocal Customs.  To determine the appropriate duties and taxes please refer to your local Customs agency.
Can the retailer describe the goods as a gift to avoid Duties and Taxes?
No, it is illegal for you and/or the retailer to describe the goods as a "gift" to avoid duties and taxes.  Be aware of the legal problems it could create for you, the retailers and BuyShipUSA.

You are the "Importer" of the goods and responsible for accurate statements describing the goods and their respective value.  Duty and taxes are based on these descriptions.  We may be required to terminate your account if we become aware of an intentional undervaluation on your part.

Our Customer Service team will be glad to guide you if you still have doubts on this serious matter.
What is the duty free limit for imports?
Note that the duty and tax information given below is subject to change and is for information purposes only.  We can not guarantee that it is the most current information available.  Please check with your local Customs agency.

Some countries and territories allow goods below specific values to be imported free from duty and/or taxes.  We've listed the duty-free thresholds that apply to the countries where many of our customers live.  If your country/area isn't shown here, please check with your local government customs agency for additional information.

Be aware that if you have consolidated several goods into one shipment, the value of the whole shipment will be assessed for duty and multiple shipments received on the same day may also be assessed as a single shipment.

  • Australia
    Shipments valued below AUD 1,000 (FOB) are given a duty and tax waiver.  This excludes tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.
  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong is a duty free destination.  No duties or taxes are collected.
  • India
    There is effectively no duty/tax free threshold and most shipments will be subject to a range of duties and taxes.
  • Europe
    Goods costing less than EUR 150 (or equivalent) are duty free.  As individual EU countries have control of their own tax regulations, this exemption will not necessarily apply to VAT/sales tax.  VAT is chargeable on the value of the goods + the duties payable.
  • Philippines
    Officially set at PHP10.00 of duty amount payable.  In practice shipments valued under USD 75 and under 10 kg in weight receive duty free clearance.