BuyShipUSA is an e-commerce service that provides its customers with a US address to receive products purchased online or in the USA.  Products purchased by the customer are shipped to BuyShipUSA’s full service warehouses in the USA, where they are received, documented and then shipped to the customer in their home country.  BuyShipUSA not only receives and handles the shipment for the customer, but it also ships the package to the customer at a significant discount off the normal rates.  If the customer has ordered multiple products from several retailers, BuyShipUSA can consolidate the products into one package and further reduce the customer’s shipping costs by only paying for one delivery.  In certain countries, BuyShipUSA can facilitate the customs clearance of the package in their home country, and the payment of any duties, VAT’s or other fees and taxes that are required.  BuyShipUSA provides a 100% turnkey solution for the customer to receive their package from the USA, at their home or business in their country, where such options do not currently exist!


BusyShipUSA works very closely with our partner, TransExpress, Inc. in Miami, FL, to ensure the quick receipt and shipment of your packages.  TransExpress is an international transportation and logistics company with more than 30 years of experience in global package delivery.  TransExpress provides warehouse and logistic services for large international corporations such as Disney, Sol Melia, Visa, and the Panamá Canal Commission.


Your packages are shipped to you in your home country by our exclusive, trusted courier partners, UPS and DHL.  Our strategic relationships with these shipping giants ensures that you will receive your package using only the most secure and efficient shipping networks in the industry, at the best possible price.